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Futsal Registration
WINTER FUTSAL REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOW!!  Unsure of what Futsal is?  Check out FutsalNH's web site here and/or read the questions at the end of this email.
  • Training starts early November and runs through March.
  • Trainings will take place on Wednesday evenings at Sports Zone in Derry.  Times TBD.
  • 18 weeks with a 1 hour training once a week with a  Futsal  NH trainer.
  • 1 game on the weekend (typically Saturdays anytime between the hours of noon and 8 pm) with similar travel to what we do now, Hudson, Nashua, etc.  The game will be coached by a volunteer coach, not a FutsalNH staff member.
  • Team sizes will be smaller since  futsal  is a 5v5 game.
  • There are no tryouts.  
  • This is for LUSC players only. (Fall '15 and/or Spring '16 seasons)
  • Total fee: $350 (Remember, 18 trainings, 18 games plus play off games.  This means less than $10 every time your player steps on the court.)
  • Once you register, you will receive an email for Futsal Insurance fee.  This is a separate charge.  (less than $15, I can't remember the exact amount)
Why play  Futsal ?
Enormous potential for developing tactical skills...small sided games develop soccer players via:
1. ball mastery - 
  • there are no boards on a  futsal  court, this forces a player to learn to maintain possession and control of the ball using all parts of their foot. 
  • Keep the ball close and tight.
  • forces quick decisions (if you have only a second on a  futsal  court to decide imagine how much time a player will feel like they have once they return to outdoor!)
  • more responsible ball possession
2. speed of play
  • 5 v 5 - 1 goalie, 4 players
  • creativity is developed
  • a player will try new moves because of the amount of touches they get in a  futsal  game
  • in an average game, a player touches the ball over 200x more than an indoor soccer game via dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Futsal  intensifies the game of soccer.
  • You can't hide on a  futsal  court.  All players need to be actively engaged at all times.
3. It's a lot of fun!
4. Did you know? In Brazil, soccer players don't touch a "soccer ball" until the age of 13? It's all  futsal  first in those primary years to better their skills (all mentioned above and then some) before they move on to the game of soccer!  Much like we have outdoor tennis courts there are outdoor  Futsal  courts all over Brazil!
5. Did you know? Our Boys U12 coach, Christian Nees, was a professional  Futsal  player in Brazil? He and Bruno Victal of  Futsal  NH were teammates.
Is there a question we haven't answered here?  Please don't hesitate to contact us!
Looking forward to a great winter season!
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