2015/16 Head Coach- David


U8 Select

Fall 2016 Game Schedule: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?eventid=54379&FieldID=0&applicationID=3610131&action=Go

Head Coach: Chris Gingrow

Asst Coach: Mike O'Donnell

U8 Club

Fall 2016 Game Schedule: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?eventid=54379&FieldID=0&applicationID=3610137&action=Go

Head Coach: Joe Vago

Asst Coach: Mirann Kirlay

LUSC U8 Travel

2 trainings a week for 8 weeks in Fall and 8 weeks in Spring with Mark Ruest

Licensed/volunteer coach shadows trainings and coaches games

Optional: 18 weeks Winter Futsal training and games with FutsalNH

Optional: Columbus and Memorial Jamborees held at West Road

Cost per year: